May 2017

THURSDAY, May 11, 2017

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Sharron M Gallagher – Journey on a road less travelled



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Sharron Gallagher







Bio: Sharron Gallagher is a native Montrealer, who, after 27 years as a Nursing Professor at Dawson, redirected her creative and observational skills into Art production. She has earned a Master of Education [McGill], B.Arts and B.Nursing [University of New Brunswick], a R.N.[registered nurse] at St Mary’s Hospital School of Nursing.[ Montreal] Since 2001, Sharron has studied a wide range of courses at Visual Arts. She has had several artist mentors. Her first artist teacher/mentor was Jackie Rae Wloski, who also introduced her to WASM. She has seen the world with an artist’s eye as she travelled with painting seminars in France [Paris, Provence], Spain, Costa Rica, Vietnam and Cambodia. Helga Schleeh was the primary artist teacher. {Helga was a guest speaker at WASM in 2015} Italy will be Sharron’s new destination for study this fall. These last few years, she has been studying colours and abstraction with the artist-teacherMarilyn Rubenstein. Sharron has participated in Leslie Saeta’s Fine Art Challenge of ‘30 paintings in 30 days’ three times in the last 2 years. This action-packed experience helped her explore how to present art on the internet as well as using many different approaches and ideas within a daily deadline. Sharron continues to explore photography and uses her photographs as inspiration for her work. In Spring 2016 she participated in her first trio-artist show with Barbara Sweeney, Jeannine Varalta at the Complexe du Canal Lachine. Since 2009, Sharron has shown her work in art shows associated with the following: WASM, Stewart Hall Art Gallery, Women’s Studio of Montreal, Mount Royal Cemetery, Association des Artistes de LaSalle, Square Affair at Centre Arts Visual. Sharron will talk about her journey in art: ‘Journey on a road less travelled’