Art Show 2016

We held our last event of the 2015-2016 WASM year  the weekend of May 28th and 29th with our annual art show. It was a great success with many in attendance and a great gathering of artists and society members. The prize winners and three honourable mentions of this year’s vernissage were:

1st Prize: Roxanne Dyer for “Cracked” (oil on canvas)

2nd Prize: Diane Robinson for “Winter Tracks” (textile)

3rd Prize: Deena Dlusy Apel for “Orphan Black” (mixed media)

Honourable Mention: Heather Dubreuil for “Open Window- Cesis” (fibre)

Honourable Mention: Michèle Breuel for “A Winter Windy Walk” (mixed media)

Honourable Mention: Jackie Rae Wloski for “Toad Hiding” (oil on canvas)

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IMG_0292Cathy Keays, Peggy Ann Turner (judge), Roxanne Dyer (First prize), Deena Dlusy Apel (Third prize), Jackie Rae Wloski (Honourable Mention)

IMG_0379Cathy Keays and Peggy Ann Turner announcing winners


IMG_0406Deena Dlusy Apel, Peggy Ann Turner, and Roxanne Dyer

IMG_4694Vernissage within Concordia’s Grey Nuns Residence




IMG_4706_winner_DyerRoxRoxanne Dyer, “Cracked” (First prize)


Diane Robinson, “Winter tracks” (2nd prize)


IMG_4707Deena Dlusy Apel, “Orphan Black” (Third prize)


IMG_4705Jackie Rae Wloski for “Toad Hiding” (Honourable mention)

IMG_4709Heather Dubreuil, “Open Window- Cesis” (Honourable mention)


Michèle Breuel, “A Winter Windy Walk” (Honourable mention)



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