Jaber Lutfi & Allyna Harris

On November 10th 2015,  Jaber Lutfi joined WASM at the McCord Museum. Lutfi is a thought-provoking artist and creator who came to discuss several of his paintings and sources of influences. Photos were taken by his friend Jean Tremblay, a dear friend of Lutfi.

010Comments from members who attended the lecture remarked that they could have listened to Lutfi for hours and that his creations were wonderfully original with no presence of “copying/pasting”.



On November 24th 2015, Allyna Harris, painter, photographer, musician and composer, came to McCord to speak about her art. She discussed how nature heavily influenced her. Having always grown up around nature, it is reflected in the paintings and music that Allyna creates. Her intricate video productions incorporate natural sounds like rushing water and birds to enhance her themes of nature and music.




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