Bollywood Indian dance with Amrita – Nov. 18, 2014

Bollywood dance  bollywood outing 2014 two


WASM members enjoyed an afternoon of an introduction to Bollywood and classical Indian dancing with Amrita Choudhury held at the MAI on Jeanne Mance.
Lovely and talented dancer, Amrita Choudhury has been teaching various forms of Indian classical and folklorique dancing for years; she also is a dance therapist and choreographer.   She told us that people of all ages, from first steps to death, dance in India.     For them dancing is an expression of joy, peace, and harmony with nature and a way to tell stories with their bodies.   She cheerfully showed us some arm movements including picking flowers, which we followed with music, then leg movements, and soon we were dancing; it was fun and energizing!

Amrita also organizes a 3-day retreat in the Laurentians in May (8-10) which we are considering as an activity. For more information regarding her classes and retreat her website address and telephone number are:  Tel:  514-768-9711

Submitted by member,  Judith Blin.