Jackie Rae Wloski — Members’ Day Lecture

The traditional Members’ Day talk is, unsurprisingly, given by one of our artist members, and this year Jackie Rae Wloski spoke to us about her work and the ideas and processes behind her finished pieces. Jackie works in a wide range of mediums, improvising, experimenting, and using whatever techniques make the piece work. Many subjects are revisited, creating a theme and variations over the years. She showed us a great number of slides, covering highlights from a career that has included not just personal art work, but also design assignments with Import Bazaar and Pratt and Whitney. Here are a few pictures from the talk.

Jackie Rae Wloski

One of Jackie’s “red prints”

Ink left on the printing roller and passed over Jackie’s
palms gave rise to this series of prints

A printing plate, cut up and ready to serve in new role

Vermeer had his camera obscura. Here is Jackie with her
projector, one of the tools of her trade

Paintings from Jackie’s series of Decarie Blvd.

Leaf print, variations

Louise de Tonnancour signing people up for the