Notes-photos of 2013 Cemetery Visit

On October the 8th 2013, 34 members and friends gathered at the Mount Royal Cemetery for a custom-made tour organized by Suzy Charto and led by Myriam Cloutier, the Director of Heritage Programs at the Mount Royal Cemetery.

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Some of the grave-sites visited:

Prudence Heward – a student of the Art Association of Montreal from 1896-1947.  Part of the Beaver Hall Group, a Montreal group founded in 1920 to which A.Y. Jackson belonged.

Anne Savage – 1896-1971.  Artist who grew up in Dorval, founded the Canadian Group of Painters in 1933 and became its President. Close friend of A.Y. Jackson. Spoke openly about gender inequity during most of her lifetime.

Annie Townsend – gave one million dollars to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Marian Scott – who died in 1993 was one of the pioneers of modern and abstract art.  She took classes at the Art Association of Montreal and studied at l’École de Beaux-Arts.  Buried with her husband F.R. Scott , the  poet.  On her grave:  ‘I no longer dance with myself.  I dance with two.  The dance is one’.

Edwin Holgate – 8th member of the Group of Seven, belonged to the Beaverhall Group.   Sent as official artist for the Canadian Armed Forces in the 1940′s.   He was a painter and engraver, who lived in the Laurentians.

George William Hill, RCA – architect who designed the angel in the tam-tam park on Parc Avenue.  The bronze medallion on his tomb was ripped off and stolen.

Marcelle Ferron – 1924-2001.  Painter and stained glass artist.  Mentor of Emile Borduas.  His work is in the Champs de Mars metro station in Montreal.  Belonged to le Refus Globale, a group of intuitive painters.  On his grave ‘Each man is responsible for his inner self.  Chaque homme est maitre de son univers interieure’.

Anna Leonowens – 1834-1915.  She is the Anna from the King of Siam.  Governess for the King of Thailand from 1862-1867.    Moved to Canada and lived in Halifax founding the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.  She moved to Montreal later and lived on McTavish street.

William Notman – photographer in business for 78 years.  Took 450,000 photos which are archived at the McCord Museum.

Maxwell Brothers – architects who designed and built 30 houses in the Golden Square Mile.

James Ross – 1848-1973.   Helped bring art from collectors living rooms to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Molson Mausoleum – for the Molson family,  built in the 1860′s by architect, George Brown.

Guido Molinari – artist, taught at Concordia University from 1962 – 2000.  He designed part of the Simons store on St. Catherine street.  On his tomb ‘Parce que je suis solaire et je retournerai lumière’.

Lady Julia Drummond – born in 1861, lived and studied in Montreal.    First President of the Local Council of Women in Montreal and served from 1893 – 1899.  She received an honorary degree from McGill university for philanthropy, the first woman to do so.    Married George Drummond ( connected closely to the Redpath family and empire).  Buried in the mausoleum built for the Drummond family.

Ada Mills  & Clifford Redpath – belonging to one of  the richest families of Montreal, heir to the Redpath sugar factories are buried in the mausoleum shaped like an obelisk.  She, her husband and son were killed in their home in June 1901, still considered an unsolved mystery.

Lady Amy Redpath Roddick –  buried beside a miniature of the Roddick Gates, the original donated by the family to McGill University in honor of her husband Sir Thomas George Roddick, Dean of Medicine.  Since he was a very punctual man, she decided to fit the gates with a clock tower, complete with chimes at each end.

(notes: Cheryl Braganza)