September 17, Tuesday. McCord Museum 1.30 – 2.30 Surkalen – Chilean Folk Music Group

PRESENTING  ‘ESSENCE DE LUMIÈRE’ – “Always look upwards towards the light”   1.30 – 2.30 pm

We are opening our season with a magical journey – a musical performance by the trio of  native Chileans Sandra Ulloa, Claudio Rojas Dávila and Rony  who will lead you on a poetic voyage of ancestral and modern rhythms recognizable in many cultures today.     SURKALÉN merges the musical inheritance of the South American culture with African, Asian, European and Middle Eastern music. Such a musical mixture gives rise to a unique and eloquent music that they call ethno-fusion.

The group’s members  met in 1995 in Valparaíso, Chile.      They travelled separately in Europe for some years and finally met up in Montreal, Canada.    In 2008, they formed the group “SURKALÉN TRIO“.     In 2009, the Russian-Canadian violinist, Maria Demacheva, joined the trio to form the current quartet.   The group was renamed “SURKALÉN“.

In 2012, they were nominated for the Canadian Folk Music Awards as the best in the World Group and won the Best 2012 CD for Essence de Lumière.     The instruments you will hear today are the cuatro, guitar, tabla, violin, bass, percussions, darbouka, cajon and more.

The name of the group “SURKALÉN” was not randomly chosen;   “Sur” stands for the South American roots of three of the members of the band and “Kalén” means «different» in the Selknam language. (Selknams are the ancient inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego, a small Native American community, which disappeared in the middle of the 20th century).
Most of the band’s music is strongly influenced by different kinds of world music with  South American rhythms being very present in their compositions.

Check out their website HERE.