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WASM Holiday Lunch & Message from our President

WASM xmas collage 5x7 - elaine bacal

To all of you 72 members and friends who added to our WASM holiday celebration on Wednesday, December 9 at le Nouvel Hotel, thank you for your participation, good spirits and vibrant energy which lit up the Dorchester Room last week. We had over 50 door prizes all generously donated by many of you. Those on lucky Table 9 had a special reason to celebrate !

We are grateful to Barbara Lewis who entertained us with her beautiful solos and singalongs and of course to the Nouvel Hotel administration who provided really excellent food at such short notice.

New member and photographer Elaine Bacal, ( went out of her way to take pictures during the event and very graciously put together this collage souvenir for you. (She apologizes if not everyone is in the photo but did her best to include everyone.)

Lots to be grateful for in this 123rd year of WASM. At this special time, as artists and art lovers, we know we don’t need more ‘stuff’, but we do crave for things that can’t always be bought like new ideas, flashes of inspiration, special friendships, momentous memories, good health – precious things that we can cherish and carry with us into the new year and beyond.

In that spirit, the Board of the Women’s Art Society of Montreal wishes you, our members a happy holiday season as we look forward to seeing you ‘replenished’ in the new year…….. March 1st 2016 precisely.


Jaber Lutfi & Allyna Harris

On November 10th 2015,  Jaber Lutfi joined WASM at the McCord Museum. Lutfi is a thought-provoking artist and creator who came to discuss several of his paintings and sources of influences. Photos were taken by his friend Jean Tremblay, a dear friend of Lutfi.

010Comments from members who attended the lecture remarked that they could have listened to Lutfi for hours and that his creations were wonderfully original with no presence of “copying/pasting”.



On November 24th 2015, Allyna Harris, painter, photographer, musician and composer, came to McCord to speak about her art. She discussed how nature heavily influenced her. Having always grown up around nature, it is reflected in the paintings and music that Allyna creates. Her intricate video productions incorporate natural sounds like rushing water and birds to enhance her themes of nature and music.