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September 24, 2013 – CULTURAL OUTING – Montreal Amphi-bus Tour

September 24, 2013:   The Montreal Amphi-bus Tour, the brainchild idea of Deanne Habeeb ,  was a really unique fun way to see Montreal.  Here’s proof that members and friends of WASM did indeed go on a beautiful fall day and had a great time discovering parts of our city we don’t normally see every day, from the water……..  Photos courtesy of Suzy Charto.

Amphibus Tour 2013

tour3 tour1




October 1 – MEET & GREET LUNCH for members, guests & friends UPDATE



2700 Rufus Rockhead, Montreal, across from the Atwater Market.  Free Parking available at the Super-C across the street.    Metro:  Lionel Groux    Bus: 108.

TIME:   11.30 – 3 pm

A light lunch of sandwiches will be available courtesy of the Women’s Art Society of Montreal.    Here’s your chance to meet other artists, some of our presenters and art lovers so come with your friends.


Everyone is  invited to take the microphone and speak for ONE MINUTE  to tell us what you do or to promote an upcoming activity.  Bring your cards or brochures to leave on a special table set up just for you.

Membership application forms and membership cards will be available so please bring your cheque book to join immediately.    No cash please.

Cardboard templates, shown below,  for the decoration which will go on the Christmas tree at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, will be handed out to paid- up members to be painted and returned with your own unique art creation in early November.   THREE  per member.  This year the templates are in the shape of a canvas on an easel to celebrate our very special 120th anniversary year of the Women’s Art Society of Montreal with the theme ENLIGHTEN, ENRICH, INSPIRE.   The tree will become a veritable miniature art gallery to be admired by visitors to the museum.

Here’s a sampling of the back and front on Arches watercolor paper.  You can cut your own too – canvas size 3.5 x 6 inches.  Use a hole-puncher as in the image.

Templates art canvas easel for wasm
Here’s an update on our  successful MEET & GREET which was held on October lst :    In addition to the glorious sunshine, we had a record attendance of over 80 and were happy to welcome many new faces.

We had a membership table where new members signed up and collected their membership cards ( designed to serve for three years.) and templates for the Christmas tree decoration at the Museum of Fine Arts.

It was a first in the sense that everyone, new members, seasoned members and guests were invited to speak for a minute to share their stories and we salute the 34 women  who told us their capsuled stories.    We all sensed the wealth of talent in our midst and were inspired by each and every one.

McGill University’s department of Social Equity & Diversity Education offered their assistance with six students from their Community Engagement Group who helped us set up.

At 11 am,  the 6 students led by Co-ordinator Anurag Dhir conducted a  Round-table discussion with about 15 of our members.    The half-hour inter-generational dialogue was engaging, provocative and enlightening as we discussed the role of art in the lives of women in 2013 and how it has evolved within the Women’s Art Society of Montreal.    The insight from our members and from the students was especially helpful.  We hope we can continue the dialogue at a later date.

The McGill “Hidden Gems” project (where seniors are interviewed and their life stories recorded)  was mentioned and some of our members expressed an interest in participating.  The first meeting was to take place on October 18.    Martine MacDonald is the Co-ordinator.

A light lunch of sandwiches, samosas  and cookies accompanied by coffee and tea was served by our Hospitality Committee after which we  spent the next few hours chatting and getting to know each other better.

The event ended at 3 pm.  We thank everyone for their help and participation.

Meet & Greet - McGill Volunteers - October 1, 2013    Meet & Greet, Oct. 1, 2013

Meet & Greet, October 1, 2013    Meet & Greet October 1st, 2013

Meet & Greet participants    Meet & Greet October 1, 2013

Meet & Greet Nov. 1, 2103


More photos of the 2013 Annual Art Show

We are grateful to the many volunteers who stepped forward, as they do every year, to make the Art Show the success that it is. Hours of work were put in, from receiving submissions to hanging the artwork to cutting cheese slices for the vernissage and everything in between, so to everyone who helped, a large thank you from all our members. I did not manage to photograph everyone and only some of you appear in the photos, but you are all appreciated.


Photos: Judith Pickard

The 2013 Annual Art Show

Some photos from this year’s Art Show, as always a feast for the eyes. Our guest of honor was Monique Polak, author and Humanities and English professor at Marianopolis College. In attendance were also students from the Creative Writing program who gave readings, as well as Marianopolis pianist Caroline Wong who enchanted so many with her playing throughout the evening.

The prize winners for this year are:
First Prize – Roxanne Dyer for The Mani
Second Prize – Annette Wolfstein-Joseph for Auberge ….aubergine
Third Prize – F.A. “Tex” Dawson for  Closse and Pilot on Guard – Place d’Armes
Honorable Mention – Sara Barnoff for the Garden Spot
Shirley Cohen working at the reception table
Cheryl Braganza
Linda Scott Harris taking care of the silent auction table
Caroline Wong
President Leslie Cohen opening the ceremonies
Judges Claudio D’Angelo, Jennifer Hornyak and Brigette Desroches
Annette Wolfstein Joseph receiving second prize
First prize winner Roxanne Dyer
Leslie Cohen, Roxanne Dyer, Annette Wolfstein Joseph, Sara Barnoff, Tex Dawson
Sara Barnoff, Honorable Mention, and Tex Dawson, Third Prize in conversation
Guest of Honor Monique Polak
Marianopolis creative writing students, Ariane Béland and Sarah-Eve Larivière
Photos: Judith Pickard

Shirley Cohen: Woman of the Year!

Our Shirley Cohen, the Montreal Council of Women’s Woman of the Year this year, was honored at a gala luncheon, held at the Omni Hotel yesterday in recognition for the years of volunteer service she has given to different organizations in Montreal, and most especially for her perseverance and dedication  in saving WASM at a critical moment in its history. WASM was not the only organization well represented at the lunch, there were members from the many and various organizations that Shirley has participated in over the years. After lunch, Shirley was presented with her award by the Right Honorable Lucie Pepin and delivered a speech infused with her warmth, humor and above all her passionate belief in the importance of service to one’s community. Congratulations Shirley!
Guests arriving and Shirley receiving congratulations.
Bonnie Stamos Destounis and Shirley Cohen
WASM members arriving. From right, Sam Clement, Jackie Wloski, Annette
Wolfstein-Joseph, Sharron Gallagher, and Mary Jane Telfer
Cheryl Braganza at the piano.
Frances and Josette
Dave Carmichael and Shirley Cohen
Josette Wecsu, Annette Wolfstein-Joseph and Jackie Rae Wloski
at the cocktail before the luncheon.
The Honorable Lucie Pepin, MCW president Sandra Cohen-Rose, and
Sheryn Hylton-Parker, wife of the US Consul.
And the day’s star, Shirley Cohen
Marilyn Suojanen, Ann Chippendale, and Polly Graves (American Women’s Club)
President Leslie Cohen with this year’s guest of honor at our
Annual Art Show,  Monique Polak
Josette Wecsu introducing Shirley Rind Cohen
The Right Honorable Lucie Pepin presenting the award
Sandra Cohen-Rose and Shirley Cohen
Shirley with past recipients of the Woman of the Year Award
Cheryl Braganza and Ginger Petty
Sheryn Hylton-Parker and Pennie Polak, former president of AWC
Your WASM bloggers, Judith Pickard and Jackie Rae Wloski

Holiday Luncheon

A great success!
This year’s holiday luncheon was held at Le Fuchia restaurant in LaSalle College of Hotel Management and all thoroughly enjoyed the meal, the service, the setting and the conversation. People started arriving before noon and after some catching up on the news time, it was time for the lunch. On the menu: salad “inspiration du chef” (the edible orchid was certainly an inspiration!), a minestrone soup, coq au vin plus a glass of vin, and Christmas log and coffee for dessert. President Leslie Cohen raffled the donated gifts and presided over the auction of a painting by Agatha Monroe. Sandra Cohen-Rose, President of the Montreal Council of Women, spoke of the upcoming luncheon to honor WASM’s Shirley Cohen who has been chosen for this year’s Woman of the Year award.
And then, with parting wishes for the holiday season, we took our leave until the spring season picks up again next March.
(Remember, especially with the combo photographs, that by clicking on them you can see a larger version)

Shirley Cohen and Ann Chippendale
Carol, left, our Reception Chairperson
Lily Azerad-Goldman and Cheryl Braganza, Press Secretary
WASM’s own Christmas elves (a.k.a. Sharron Gallagher and Jackie Rae Wloski)
delivered gifts to  all the members attending
Pauline and Norma
As you may have noticed, I do not yet have all names attached to all the faces,
but I do remember Judith Blin’s (center, blue sweater) because she was sitting next to me
at lunch and had the excellent idea that I take photographs of the artistic food presentations.
President Leslie Cohen saying a few words before the auction
Agatha Monroe’s painting that was auctioned

Sharron Gallagher was our very excellent auctioneer
and Denise Janelle her very excellent translator
And who was the highest bidder?? Turns out to have been fellow
WASM blogger Jackie Rae Wloski
The LaSalle College staff  whose friendly, professional and flawless service was much appreciated.

Posted by Judith Pickard


WASM’s X-mas Tree at the MMFA

Our tree is up and ready for viewing at the MMFA.

Ann, Shirley, and Sharron busy decorating our tree.
Stanley and Josette at work.
Stanley, Josette, Shirley, and Sharron.

Posted by Jackie Rae Wloski


Woman of the Year! Shirley Rind Cohen

Shirley Cohen

Press Release from the Montreal Council of Women:

The Montreal Council of Women (MCW) is delighted to announce its Woman of the Year Award winner for 2012.  Shirley Rind Cohen, former President of the Women’s Art Society of Montreal and the American Women’s Club of Montreal, was chosen for her leadership in volunteerism in community services and support of the arts, and her many accomplishments spanning a period of over 40 years.  Shirley has also been an active member of the MCW and contributed to the making of its 100th Anniversary Tapestry.

Please join us to celebrate the 26thanniversary of this gala event at a luncheon on Friday, December 7, 2012 at the recently fully renovated Omni Hotel, 1050 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, QC H3A 2R6 (corner Peel), from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Tickets at $55.00 are available by registering online at or calling Shirley Gyles at 450-672-7081.



Music: Marianopolis Trio

Three students from the Marianopolis / Mcgill music program entertained us last week with a beautiful rendition of the Mozart Divertimento in E flat major, K. 563. They are Qian Li on violin, Jacob Wald on cello, and Philip Guntermann on viola.  It was so interesting to watch the interplay between the three musicians, and the clarity of their instruments carried so well in the intimate setting of our lecture theatre. 


Members’ Day: Tania Shamy

This year’s Members’ Day talk was given by Tania Shamy to a crowded lecture hall. Beginning with Frederick the Great’s gift of a 1000+ piece porcelain service to Catherine the Great, Dr. Shamy led us through the ins and outs of history and porcelain’s place in it. Her slides, taken during research trips to Russia, showed us porcelain figurines, table decorations, plans for elaborate banquet settings, rooms whose every surface were covered with porcelain plates, the renowned cabinets de curiositiés, and more.

After the talk, new members were welcomed and had a chance to introduce themselves and then everyone got down to the serious business of coffee and cookies and enjoyable conversation.

Annette Wolfstein-Joseph and Tania Shamy
Shirley Cohen busy with tickets for the Holiday Luncheon
Carol Donoghue at the Reception desk

Photos: Judith Pickard

More photos (of Dr. Shamy’s slides) from Jackie Wloski:



Meet-and-Greet for the New Members

Yesterday was Members’ Day for WASM and a chance to be introduced to this year’s new members and for them to get to know old members. After Tania Shamy’s fascinating art historical talk on Porcelain and Diplomacy (that will be another blog post), new members came forward to tell something about themselves, President Leslie Cohen presented each new member with a gift bag from David’s Teas, and then all enjoyed coffee and irresitible sweets prepared by Hospitality Chair Shirley Cohen. Always an enjoyable event!
President Leslie Cohen
Photos – Judith Pickard

Lynda Schneider Granatstein: Paintings of the Chez Doris Calendar and Recent Work

Lynda Schneider Granatstein was introduced by her daughter, Tamara, and then proceeded to  astound us with her beautiful artworks and an amazing succession of inspirational happenings: being allowed to go backstage at Place des Arts to gather material for a series on ballet dancers, winning a contest to receive free floral arrangements for a year and then producing artwork from them and turning these into a calendar to benefit “Chez Doris”, and then being chosen for the  artists-in-residence program at the Banff Centre, where her only obligation was to produce artwork. Outcome: a lot of hard work and a lot of great work produced!

Tamara introducing her mother, Lynda Schneider Granatstein

Lynda Schneider Granatstein

Lynda’s father’s plant in her sunroom
Work done at Banff Centre

Work in progress at Lynda’s Banff Centre studio

Lynda in her Banff Centre studio
Calendar for Chez Doris

from the calendar

text and photos: Jackie Rae Wloski


Sheila Caplan: Finding My Way with Clay

Terrific lecture today by Montreal potter Sheila Caplan. In a personal and immediate way, she talked about the path her life took, leading her into a lifelong love of working with clay. Her first enchantment with the mysterious transformation of a lump of earth into something beautiful and useful is very much alive today, as is her fascination with all the permutations and possibilities inherent in the medium. Clay type, glazes, fire temperatures, type of firing…the interplay of so many factors bring to each new project a fresh approach. Shelia showed slides of her work and set out a display of her gorgeous pottery.

Sheila Caplan setting out some of her pottery.
Annette Wolfstein-Joseph pre-lecture with Sheila
Tickets are already of sale for our holiday luncheon.
Last minute technical adjustments with Dave Carmichael.

Annette thanking Sheila Caplan for a delightful hour.
Sheila Caplan and Sharron Gallagher.
Photos and text: Judith Pickard

And some photos by Jackie Wloski from the slides Sheila showed of her work:


Nathalie Cooke: Cooks of Note

Nathalie Cooke entertained and informed us with some of the history of cookbooks and their authors and other food related tidbits, from about 1850 to the 1960s or so. And it wasn’t always about the recipes; how to manage a household and helping female immigrants adapt to their new life here were some of the first themes.

Nathalie Cooke is not a cook but a historian. Her book, “What’s to Eat?” was sold out, or she would have brought some for us to look at! So we will have to go and hunt up the new edition!

Annette Wolfstein-Joseph introducing speaker Nathalie Cooke
Nathalie Cooke

Photos and text: Jackie Wloski



Some WASM members got together in relaxed, and relaxing, summer mode.
Happy summer days to all!


Woman of the Year Award winner for 2012

The Montreal Council of Women (MCW) is delighted to announce its Woman of the Year Award winner for 2012.  Shirley Rind Cohen, former President of the Women’s Art Society of Montreal and the American Women’s Club of Montreal, was chosen for her leadership in volunteerism in community services and support of the arts, and her many accomplishments spanning a period of over 40 years.  Shirley has also been an active member of the MCW and contributed to the making of its 100th Anniversary Tapestry.

Please join us to celebrate the 26thanniversary of this gala event at a luncheon on Friday, December 7, 2012 at the recently fully renovated Omni Hotel, 1050 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, QC H3A 2R6 (corner Peel), from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Tickets at $55.00 are available by registering online or calling Shirley Gyles at450-672-7081.



Art Show Awards

Memories are still fresh from our annual Art Show. Congratulations again to the prizewinners!
1st prize — Sharon E. Sutherland
2nd prize — Suzy Charto
3rd prize — Diane Cannuli
Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order):
Sara Barnoff
Meta MacLean
Diane Vigneault

Sarah Barnoff, Diane Vigneault, Diane Cannuli, Suzy Charto, Sharon Sutherland. Not pictured: Meta MacLean
President Leslie Cohen introducing judges Michael Climan, Adele Beaudry and Jacques Clément

Video Corner: WASM Annual Art Show

Here is a short videos from the vernissage of this year’s Art Show. Dr. Nancy Berman, our guest of honor, speaks about the Marianopolis Music Program and then we were treated to the student performances. Unfortunately because of the ambient noise levels I couldn’t get a good recording of the very excellent guitar duo of Levi John Lewis and Darren Schwinghamer.


More Photos: WASM Annual Art Show

Lots of fun pictures from our vernissage and I am sure you will recognize familiar faces (starting with Lily Azerad-Goldman below). Will try and get some of the names in before I take off for the holiday weekend. Best wishes to everyone for a happy holiday and see you next week when we have our talk on the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

Jackie Rae Wloski, center
Michele Tougas and Annette Wolfstein-Joseph

Sandy Baylin speaking with Jacques Clément, one of the show’s judges
Birte Paul and friends
Dee Atif and friend enjoying my kid-kodak poses
Pauline Shapiro on right
Joyce Johnston with her guests
Julie Nadler on the right
Diane Cannuli, center
On the left, two of our three judges, Adèle Beaudry and Michael Climan


Andrea Stewart

Last week was not only the opening of the annual art show. On Tuesday cellist Andrea Stewart performed for one of our musical programs. Sandy Baylin sent in these photos as well as her appreciation of the event: “I thought she played her instrument with focus and passion. Her brief descriptions of the pieces she performed were much appreciated and well received.”

The music continued as part of the Annual Show, with pianist Derek Yaple-Schobert performing at Tudor Hall on both Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately I do not have photos of Derek concerts. If anyone does, and would like to send them along, I would be happy to post them here on the blog.


WASM Annual Art Show 2012

Yesterday’s vernissage was a great success and well attended, as you can see. Here are the first photos and there are more to come when I return from my weekend away. Congratulations to the prize winners and many thanks to all the volunteers who made the evening a memorable one.

These are the installation shots I got before the crowds arrived.


Report from Tudor Hall 2

Thanks to Suzy Charto for this photo of the hanging committee resting their weary legs after hours of work getting the show up, and of course an even bigger thanks to the whole team for their efforts. Tonight is the big night, see you there!


Report from Tudor Hall

All of our hardworking volunteers are, well, hard at work. This morning artworks were being received at Ogilvy’s Tudor Hall and by this evening the show will be up on the walls.
Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow evening! The vernissage begins at 6 p.m.


Past Programme (2012-2013)

   All events are on Tuesdays at 1:30 p.m. sharp, unless otherwise specified.Musée McCord Museum
609 Sherbrooke Street West
Théâtre J. Armand Bombardier

Oct. 9 Nathalie Cooke, Ph.D, Associate Provost and Professor of English, McGill University

“Cooks of Note: How Did a Few Women Influence Canadian Food Tastes So Profoundly?”

Oct. 16 Shelia Caplan, B.O.T. Potter.

“Finding My Way with Clay”

Oct. 23 Lynda Schneider Granatstein, M.Ed. Professional mixed media artist, lecturer, and mixed media workshop teacher.

“Paintings of the Chez Doris Calendar and Recent Work.”

Oct. 30 Members’ Day

Tania Shamy, Ph.D. Artist and independent scholar.

“Porcelain and Diplomacy: The Dessert Service of Catherine the Great”

 2:30-3:30 Meet-and-greet celebration with refreshments: New members are introduced. R.S.V.P. Shirley (514) 737-7268

Nov. 6 Qian Li, violin, Philip Gunterman, viola, and Jacob Wald, cello. Students in the Marianopolis College Professional Music Program.

“Mozart: Divertimento, E Flat Major K.563″

Nov. 13 Charmaine Nelson, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Art History and Communication Studies, McGill University

“African Resistance and the Creolization of Muisic in 19th C. Quebec.”

Nov. 20 Loran, Artist Painter.

“Freedom of an Autodidact Abstract Expressionist”

Nov. 30  Holiday Luncheon,  noon atFuschia, Lasalle College’s School of Hotel Management, 2000 Ste. Catherine W.

Tickets required in advance.

R.S.V.P. Shirley 514.737.7268 or

Guest Fee (lectures/concerts):  $10.00

**  2013  **

 Mar. 5

1:00 pm Annual Business Meeting   1:30 pm Joanna Nash, M.Ed. Visual artist and art educator.

“Brushes, Swords and Coloured Mud”

Mar. 12 Tess Fragoulis, M.A. Writer, Lecturer, English, Concordia University and Marianopolis College

“The Goodtime Girl: Music and War in 1920s Greece.”*

*adult content

Mar. 19 Lara Deutsch, M.Mus. Candidate, Schulich School of Music, McGill University, Flutist, and Philip Chiu, ARCT, PDip., Pianist

“Flute through the Eras: From Baroque to Contemporary.”

Apr. 2 Michael Climan, M.S. Clinical Psychologist; Professor, Psychology, Marianopolis College

“To See What Others Could Not.”

April 4-8

Annual Juried Art Show and Sale

Expostition et Vente Annuelle


1307 Ste. Catherine St. W.

Free to the public during store hours.

Vernissage: Thur. April 4, 6-8 p.m.

Guest of Honour:

Monique Polak, Author; Professor, English and Humanities, Marianopolis College; Marianopolis Alumna

Artist Demonstrations, Author Readings and Recitals

A portion of the proceeds to support students in Creative Writing at Marianopolis College.

Apr. 9 Stewart Fletcher, B.F.A. Visual Artist 

“Magic, Mystery and the Muse.”*

*adult content

Apr. 16 Kim Vergil, B.F.A. Artist

“Organic Structures in the Garden.”

Apr. 23

1:00 pm Annual General Meeting     1:30 pm Kristan Toczko, M.Mus., PDip. Candidate, Schulich School of Music, McGill University, Harpist

“Harp Impressions.”