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Season 2016-2017

September 20, 2016   “The Jean Ford Memorial Lecture”
Rita Briansky, Well Known Montreal Artist
Title of Presentation: “I was Born with a Pencil in my Hand”
Bio below:
I consider myself lucky in that I did not have to agonize as to what I would do with my life, as I knew forever that art was my calling.
At age 16 I began studying with Alexander Bercovitch, and at the same time in Baron Byng High School we had Anne Savage as the art teacher. In Montreal I then continued one year with Jacques de Tonnancour at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and subsequently went to The Art Student’s League in New York.
I have exhibited in group shows and privately since the 50′s,  have taught at the Visual Arts Centre, the Saidye Bronfman Centre and am currently teaching at the Cummings Centre here in Montreal.
I will talk about my life in art and show my earliest artworks and on up to the present.

Art Show 2016

We held our last event of the 2015-2016 WASM year  the weekend of May 28th and 29th with our annual art show. It was a great success with many in attendance and a great gathering of artists and society members. The prize winners and three honourable mentions of this year’s vernissage were:

1st Prize: Roxanne Dyer for “Cracked” (oil on canvas)

2nd Prize: Diane Robinson for “Winter Tracks” (textile)

3rd Prize: Deena Dlusy Apel for “Orphan Black” (mixed media)

Honourable Mention: Heather Dubreuil for “Open Window- Cesis” (fibre)

Honourable Mention: Michèle Breuel for “A Winter Windy Walk” (mixed media)

Honourable Mention: Jackie Rae Wloski for “Toad Hiding” (oil on canvas)

Check out and Like our Facebook page for more photos and news over the summer as we plan the next wonderful WASM year!

IMG_0292Cathy Keays, Peggy Ann Turner (judge), Roxanne Dyer (First prize), Deena Dlusy Apel (Third prize), Jackie Rae Wloski (Honourable Mention)

IMG_0379Cathy Keays and Peggy Ann Turner announcing winners


IMG_0406Deena Dlusy Apel, Peggy Ann Turner, and Roxanne Dyer

IMG_4694Vernissage within Concordia’s Grey Nuns Residence




IMG_4706_winner_DyerRoxRoxanne Dyer, “Cracked” (First prize)


Diane Robinson, “Winter tracks” (2nd prize)


IMG_4707Deena Dlusy Apel, “Orphan Black” (Third prize)


IMG_4705Jackie Rae Wloski for “Toad Hiding” (Honourable mention)

IMG_4709Heather Dubreuil, “Open Window- Cesis” (Honourable mention)


Michèle Breuel, “A Winter Windy Walk” (Honourable mention)



Deborah Margo

On March 15 2016, landscape artist Deborah Margo presented at the McCord Museum with her theme “Tending Asphalt Oasis”. She transformed several blah areas into very natural and organic environments. She enjoys showing the whole cycle of plantlife from blossom to decay. “There is beauty in decay,” she says. It was a very inspiring presentation.


WASM#9_WCCM#7 trees_winter painting 050



D’Or et D’Azur, Susan Stromberg, & Musee des maitres et artisans du Quebec

Below is an account of the cultural outing that took place on March 17th, 2016 to a rare book collection, written by WASM member Elaine Bacal:

On March 17th, 2016, 13 members of WASM attended a wonderful guided tour of D’Or et D’Azur, an exhibit of very old books and illuminated manuscripts dating from medieval to early renaissance. The exhibit was in the Bibliothèque des livres rares et collections spéciales (BLRCS), located in the Samuel Bronfman Pavilion on the campus of Université de Montréal. Our guide, Nicholas Herman, PhD student in art history and curator, expertly explained the exhibit and showed his passion for this ancient art form.

2 group pic at rare books exhibit with EBUpon entering the exhibit space, there was a collection of old books belonging to the BLRCS with intricately carved covers, all hand-lettered and illuminated on vellum pages. Opposite this cabinet was a display of writing tools, including feather quills, ground lapis and cobalt for pigments, saffron, gold-leaf and eggs, the whites of which were used as binders for the pigments.

1 exhibit areaThe next section of the exhibit contained beautiful reproductions of liturgical books which were used by clergy for mass, as well as examples from the Lindisfarne Gospels and Book of Hours, which also contained prayers. Nicholas explained that there are many versions of the Book of Hours for they were customized for each wealthy and literate owner, often including portraits of the owners themselves. Very small books, no larger than the palm of the hand, were made for women so that they could read the prayers any time they wished throughout the day. An interesting fact regarding these replicas is that they are very valuable, sometimes ranging in the tens-of-thousands of dollars as opposed to millions for the originals.

4 book of hours and small book

The following part of the exhibit included single pages from old books, for at some time in the past, the pages of the books were separated and sold or given away as gifts. Some of the pages were musical scores. Nicholas has done some research on trying to find pages from a single book, but because these pages are scattered in museums, universities and estates throughout the world, finding more than two or three pages from one book is a difficult task indeed.

8 single sheet music page

7 single book page2We then moved on to the final section which included printed pages, on paper. Examples from Albrecht Durer were on view here as well as a small collection of old, finely scripted documents found in various departments of the Université de Montréal, including an order for oatmeal!

5 MARS replica

9 A Durer woodcut

All-in-all, we thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit and learned very much about this ancient and very beautiful art form. We thank Nicholas Herman and the BLRCS for D’Or et D’Azur.

On April 12, 2016 well-known sculptor Susan Stromberg presented, “Living in 3 Dimensions” at McCord Museum.




On April 19th 2016, a cultural outing, organized by Josette Wecsu, was made to the Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec. Avy Loftus greeted the group of 12 WASM members at the Musée des maîtres et artisans that afternoon.  She was pleased to guide us through her exhibition on Indonesian batik in which are displayed her beautiful batik dresses and shawl creations. Avy  took time to explain the ancient origins of these intricate batiks and how they are part of the national soul of Indonesia and tied to its cultural identity.  She instructed us on the batik technique and all the processes involved in the creation of batik artistry. It was a most enjoyable afternoon and a good learning experience.

Avi's show_Papier16_Sharron's show_etc 005

Avi's show_Papier16_Sharron's show_etc 013

Avi's show_Papier16_Sharron's show_etc 015

Avi's show_Papier16_Sharron's show_etc 044



Live judging for art exhibition

Live judging took place on Sunday, April 3, 2016 at 2700 Rufus Rockhead, to select works for the upcoming art exhibition. Artists who wished to submit works brought them in and were judged by Jean-Michel Pollak and Peggy Ann Turner. Jean-Michel is a former gallery owner, curator and publisher of fine art, and Peggy Ann is a well known Montreal artist. They did a very conscientious and devoted judging of our members’ artworks.

IMG_3551 2


Louis Babin presentation

On March 29th 2016, Louis Babin, composer and speaker, joined us at the McCord Museum to present his orchestral music dedicated to Antoine de St. Exupery, the author of several books, including the famous “Le Petit Prince”. He then explained to us how the piece was created. For more information on Babin, visit his website at



Deanne Habeeb presentation

Kicking off the spring portion of this year’s WASM’s events was Deanne Habeeb, presenting “My Montreal – fantasy in collage”.  On March 1 2016 at McCord Museum, Deanne Hall-Habeeb presented a slide show featuring her fabric collages. Deanne showed more than 90 slides of fabric collages which depicted street scenes of Montreal and environments. She spoke of her love of Montreal and its eclectic architecture. Her works depicted Montreal as a visually exciting world verging on fantasy and a city of unbelievable colours.


WASM Members' Day March 1 2016


Seminaire Organ Concert, Montreal Ghost night, & Musee des Hospitalieres

On October 25th 2015, a group of WASM members went to a free organ concert at the Grand Seminaire; free concerts for the public are held every Sunday at 3pm in October every year. Those who attended felt the power of the grand organ of the seminary and we recommend that next year, people check this out.

Oct 25 Seminaire Organ Concert 4

Oct 25 Seminaire Organ Concert 5

On October 30th 2015, Cathy and Deanne went to see Les Fantomes du Vieux Montreal. Deanne reports, “A very scary time was had. Some of the ‘ghosts’ were really intimidating and truly frightening. However, we did survive to tell our tale.”

Oct 30 Montreal Ghost Night 01

On November 4th 2015, a group of 19 WASM members and friends gathered at the Musée des Hospitalières de l’Hôtel Dieu de Montréal at 201 Pine Avenue West to enjoy a one and a half hour guided tour in English conducted by Caroline Grant. They were warmly welcomed by Museum staff and their guide was very well-informed and attentive. During the tour they learned a lot about the beginnings of Montreal and the important role the European French, the Catholic Church, Founder of the Hospital, Jeanne Mance, and the arrival in 1659 of The Hospitallers of St. Joseph, an order of nursing sisters who played such a crucial role in caring for the first settlers. They learned about their struggles, the daily lives of the nuns and about the early evolution of medicine and nursing, which made them all very thankful for modern medical discoveries and treatments!

Nov 04 Hotel Dieu 01

Nov 04 Hotel Dieu 03

Afterwards, some members made their way to a nearby cafe for coffee, making it all in all a lovely day. This Museum is definitely worth a visit! They are open Wednesday through Sunday from 1pm to 5pm.

Nov 04 Hotel Dieu 02


November 2015 Bulletin

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS: We encourage you to attend our Holiday Lunch on December 9. If you don’t know anyone in WASM yet, you will be invited to sit on a table headed by a Board member who will be happy to introduce you around and make you feel welcome. In the early days, women joined WASM for friendship, kinship and support. We hope we can continue that tradition now. (Mention you are a new member when you buy your ticket or you may respond to this email.)

HOLIDAY LUNCH DOOR PRIZES: We are looking for donations for door prizes for our Holiday Lunch – wine, chocolates, art-cards etc. anything over $12 – $15 and up to $50 would be much appreciated. If you can offer a gift, please let us know. It’s fun when almost everyone goes home with a prize !

TREE DECORATIONS: The Tree decoration initiative at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts which we have been invited to participate in for many years, has sadly been cancelled this year as they are doing major renovations. It’s a bit late already, but if any of our members know of a tree in a public area ( library, school, community center, atrium, lobby) which WASM could offer to decorate (we have left-over decorations), let us know as this would be a creative way to publicize our Society.

MEMBER EXHIBITS NOW: Many of our members are represented in the Stewart Hall Art Gallery Rentals – the vernissage is today, Sunday November 1st, from 2 – 4.30.

The Square Affair exhibit and sale at the Visual Arts Center, Westmount is open now until November 11th with the GALA on November 5th. You will see artwork done on wooden squares 12×12 or 24×24 given freely to the artists by Avenue des Arts on Victoria. Over 400 very creative and unusual pieces on display and again done by many WASM members and some of our previous presenters at the McCord. Well worth a visit especially if you are looking for a nice holiday gift.

SUGGESTION BOX: Starting next week at the McCord Reception desk, there will be a Suggestion Box for members to offer comments and ideas to improve your experience at WASM. Please participate.



Dr. Mary Hunter on Toulouse-Lautrec’s, “Rue des Moulins, 1894″

On October 27th 2015, WASM held another event at the McCord Museum where  Dr. Mary Hunter, Associate Professor of Art History and Communications at McGill University, discussed Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec‘s painting, Rue des Moulins, 1894.


Although Dr. Hunter focused on that particular painting, she also discussed his other fascinations and depictions with Parisian prostitutes and their relationships with STIs, particularly syphilis. She explored the troubled ties between bodily and painterly surfaces, medical penetration and artistic encounters, as well as the tensions between the ‘slow time’ of waiting and the desire for speed and efficiency in modern medical life. The lecture was fascinating and Dr. Hunter’s in depth knowledge of the topic facilitated interesting discussion.




Some reviews on the event:

“Thoroughly enjoyed Mary Hunter and her lecture. One can never learn too much about the relevance of visual art in society. I wish every meeting would focus on artists in our field.  Thank you for a well spent afternoon.”

“I give this an A+ and I am looking forward to reading Dr. Hunter’s book which is coming out in December. The lecture was fascinating, especially so for me because I worked in gynaecologic pathology for many years at McGill and Jewish General Hospital. As a matter of fact, I have enjoyed all the lectures so far; inspiring, informative and thought-provoking.  Thank you !”

“Very interesting. The art/medicine angle intriguing.”

“Thank you for a wonderful lecture by Dr. Mary Hunter, a very interesting topic and so well presented. I give this a 10 out of 10.”


“Come dance with me” (Sandra Wong) & Viewing of film, “Suffragette”

On October 12th 2015, Sandra Wong of Ensemble-Karel joined us at the McCord Museum to demonstrate and explain Balinese dancing. In addition to dancing, she also brought and discussed traditional dance clothing and head dresses.



020On October 22nd 2015, some WASM members attended a screening of the film Suffragette, a movie portraying working class feminists fighting for equality in the early days of the feminist movement. Although the film focuses on the initial fights for equality, it implies the continued fight that exists to this day.


photoThe above picture was taken with the Suffragette phone app. At there’s more information on how to get involved with the current day fight of women for equality.


Meet and Greet & Art Exhibit

On Tuesday October 6th 2015 WASM had our annual Meet and Greet & Art Exhibit at 2700 Rufus Rockhead right beside the Atwater market  which was a great success. Dozens of new and returning members attended, bringing their art for sale and getting to know each other. Additionally, decorations from last year’s tree ornament activity (which we will be doing again this year with the Museum of Fine Arts) were available for members to take home with them.

Art gallery of members' art



Members and prospective members mingled, enjoying tea/coffee and chips and dip.



A delicious lunch was prepared by Board member Bonnie Hill, including but not limited to: chicken satay skewers; egg and tuna salad sandwiches; cheese and crackers; and spring rolls.




Following lunch, every member briefly introduced themselves and mentioned what their passion was. This allowed WASM members to become better acquainted with each other, creating a closeness that other events are not always able to. In response to the event, many members contacted WASM to mention how much they appreciated this aspect of the Meet and Greet.




All in all, the day was a great success and we’re already looking forward to next year’s. Visit our Facebook page to see the rest of the pictures from the event and for reminders/follow ups of future events. If you weren’t able to make it to this event, we hope you can make the next one!

Thank-you for your gracious welcome! I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Meet and Greet. So many lovely interesting women who all have a special talent and a story to tell. I look forward to participating in the group’s events.


“Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition” and Shari Blaukopf Watercolours

Last Friday September 25th 2015 a small group of WASM members got together to visit “Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition” at the Palais de Congres. While the audio tour lasted an hour and a half, many members stayed for almost three hours. Since people stayed at the exhibit for varying durations, they did not meet for coffee afterwards, but did enjoy the time together as they admired the intricate replicates of Michelangelo’s famous frescoes. The exhibition is in Montreal until October 24th and is definitely worth a visit!


This past Tuesday September 29th 2015 was our second event held at McCord Museum: Shari Blaukopf, a water colour artist of Montreal. She discussed Urban Sketchers Montreal, a non-profit organization that aims to foster a community of artists who appreciate and participate in on-location sketching. Their mission is to promote the value of on-location sketching and to connect those within its community. Urban Sketching Montreal meets on the fourth Sunday to draw and welcomes everybody to join. Urban Sketching Montreal has taken places in locations such as Atwater market, Little Italy, and Mont Royal.

photo 1

photo 3


WASM’s first Event and Cultural Outing of the 2015 – 2016 year

On September 15th 2015 WASM held their first event with a viewing of the documentary, Celesta Found, at the McCord Museum. Marco Fraticelli discussed his involvement with the film, having found the original diaries that prompted the exploration into Celesta’s life, as well as the creation of the documentary. David’s Tea offered samples of tea before and after the film, pairing well with the multitude of snacks brought in by board members.  Dozens of new and returning members were at this event, kicking off WASM’s 2015 – 2016 year to a great start.

The following Tuesday on September 22nd 2015 was our first cultural outing to the Château Ramezay, a historic site and museum of Montréal.  15 members went on a guided tour and afterwards had lunch together in one of the many cafes of Old Montreal. The Museum is a rare remaining building going back to New France and is a classified historic monument. Their exhibit spans 500 years and included first settlers, their pottery, paintings, mahogany furniture, ovens, costumes as well as the Governor’s Gardens.

Chateau Ramsey Guide

WASM tour group



WASM 2015 JURIED ART SHOW -From Natural to Abstraction

Displaying img_0669.jpgDisplaying img_0671.jpg

Photos of  the vernissage of June 6, 2015 and the  art show at Galérie E.K. Voland, 4710 St. Ambroise.
Photo credits:  Sharron Gallagher, Aurelia Istinah, Deanne Habeeb

lst Prize winner:  Jackie Wloski for MMFA Staircase

2nd Prize winner:  Roxanne Dyer for Body Imagined

3rd Prize winner:  Deanne Hall-Habeeb for Stargazer – Hovey Manor

Honorable Mention:  Lynton Martin for Kitchen Still life

Displaying IMG_4803.JPGDisplaying IMG_4806.JPG


The AVMOR Collection – March 31, 2015

Member Annette Wolfstein-Joseph kindly arranged a private visit in Old Montreal to the AVMOR Collection, a wonderful exhibit of paintings and other creative endeavours by mainly local artists all housed in this century old building at 445  St. Helene street.    There were about 20 of us, some who had been there before and others for the first.   Marie De Claw was our guide who gave us historical background on many of the works exhibited, including the eclectic tie display.    Avi Morrow began the collection many years ago and is President of the Avmor Art and Cultural Foundation.

You may contact Marie De Claw at 514-282-3301 to arrange a visit by appointment. 

Avmor 4

Front Door

avmor 2

Avmor 1  avmor 3



December 3, Tuesday – HOLIDAY LUNCH

Jennifer Gasoi, singer-songwriter

Jennifer Gasoi, singer-songwriter


Board Members at the holiday lunch

Board Members at the holiday lunch

Contributed by Barbara Silverman…..

On December 3rd, 2013 over eighty members of WASM, along with friends and family,  gathered at the Holiday Inn on Sherbrooke Street for our annual Christmas luncheon.

Consisting of fine dining and pleasant conversations, the weatherman cooperated by withholding a gift of rain, freezing rain, snow, or sleet – thus allowing everyone to descend on the meeting place in fine spirits.  The majority arrived early to be expertly guided by waiting members to the upstairs restaurant. Quickly divesting ourselves of heavy winter coats and boots many decided to partake in an extra glass of cheer, from the cash bar, before settling into their places. A nice large room had been reserved in which round tables, each seating eight, had been set up awaiting our arrival.

On each chair we found a bright red tote bag, gaily printed with the name of The Women’s Art Society of Montreal. As Cheryl Braganza pointed out – this way we can identify other members on the bus or Metro.   Once we were all seated Jennifer Gasoi, Juno and Grammy nominated singer/songwriter, proceed to give us an inspirational talk about her life and her own climb up the difficult ladder of success.   To our delight she entertained us with a couple of lovely songs and several members added her CD to their collections, thus being able to enjoy her singing in the years to come.

Afterwards we settled down to enjoy a fine meal, which included a glass of wine (extremely important), soup, main course, dessert (very important), and coffee or tea.   The staff was efficient, pleasant and polite, preventing us from having any complaints. After one last song from Jennifer, we said our parting wishes which leaves only this to add – we all enjoyed
ourselves and to all a Happy New Year!


BREAKING NEWS:  Jennifer Gasoi has been nominated for a Grammy after all !!  Congratulations…..


THE HOLIDAY INN IS ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF SHERBROOKE WEST near Durocher, City Councillors and Aylmer .  No cross street.


We have over 85 members signed up – plenty of door prizes, inspirational speaker and good cheer…………….

FEATURING:  JENNIFER GASOI,  twice Juno-nominated singer/songwriter for Children’s Album of the Year , nominated for a Grammy,  Canadian Children’s Artist for the Year, will be there to energize us and  provide a 15 minute  inspirational story about her life (from 12.15 – 12.30 pm)  with a song or two thrown in .  Jennifer  is making a name for herself as one of Canada’s hottest children’s performers and recording artists.     You may have heard her interviewed by Sonali Karnick on CBC radio recently.   Bring some extra cash to purchase her new CD for your children or grandchildren which she will even autograph for you.  $15 each.  2 for $25.

Here are the details:  

11.30 am – 2.30 pm:   (We have the room from 11 am to 3 pm).   Join us for some holiday cheer on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2013 at the  Holiday Inn,  420  Sherbrooke West (east from University, just past Loto Québec).  A great way to  celebrate with your friends, meet our members and art lovers in a lovely ambience  ……  There are 8 to a table so gather together your friends and reserve your table soon.  

Take the escalator to the first floor to LES VERRIÈRES.  There will be a cash bar (and a place to hang your coats)   at the entrance to the hall.  Drinks available at your expense  ($5.50 – $7.50)  

MENU – Only $35  for a 3 course meal which includes a  glass of red or white wine.    

You will be asked to make your choice when you purchase your ticket


MAIN COURSE.  Your choice of:

Poached Filet of Salmon with lemon sauce served with rice & vegetables
Chicken Supreme with mushroom sauce
Stuffed Pepper with rice & vegetables  (vegetarian option if requested)


DESSERT:  Chef’s Choice






Dr. Joe Schwarcz speaks about ART & HEALTH


CIMG0613_edited   CIMG0607   CIMG0608


Dr. Joe Schwarcz, Director of McGill University’s Office for Science & Society kept us engaged in a very spirited and entertaining session on Tuesday, November 26th at the McCord providing magic tricks (in the style of Houdini !) to boot.

Some of the tidbits I learned:  that when Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel, the shape of God as it appears turns out to be the shape of the human brain.

: that the Pieta has Christ with bulging veins which does not happen when a person is dead, reaching the conclusion that Michelangelo was in fact projecting the resurrection.

: that Da Vinci’s Last Supper is questionable because of the condition in which it was found and later restored, leading us to wonder how accurate the restorations actually are.

: El Greco.  It was surmised that his elongated faces and animals were due to his having severe astigmatism.  In fact, this was not the case.  Sketches and drawings show that his faces were realistic and that he deliberately extended them upwards, symbolizing the union between man and heaven !

: Goya’s Reclining Maya and Reclining Nude were the same woman, his wife, but the clothed figure was for public display while the nude stayed safely in the confines of his bedroom.  As Goya aged, it seemed that the use of lead carbonate in the white he used was so toxic that it affected his later paintings, which took on a troubled stance.

: Van Gogh was a smoker, drinker, womanizer.  His early paintings were sombre (The Potato Eaters) but strangely when he moved to France, the colors lightened and changed to yellows.   We have learned that this was due to his intake of digitalis, an extract of the foxglove flower, which can cause serious side-effects, one of them being seeing yellow haloes.  Van Gogh sold only one sunflower painting in his lifetime leaving the conclusion “that if you are an artist, it pays to die”.  A recent sunflower painting sold for 95 million dollars.   Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin also ingested the green beverage absinthe,  obtained from the  wormwood tree, which they would enjoy with the sugar ritual.  It also contains thujone which causes hallucinations.   One of their quotes was “Absinthe makes the tart grow fonder ……”

: Edvard Munsch was apparently cured of mental illness and his paintings changed greatly in style as he got older.

: De Kooning too changed his style towards the end of his life  He had Alzeimers disease but continued to paint until he died.

Dr. Schwarz stressed that there is inherent toxicity in the art world and that reasonable precautions must be taken.   Seems that the colors that are the prettiest are the ones that are the most dangerous,  lead white,  cobalt and cadmium.  Care must be especially taken with solvent vapours.

He concluded with a story about Houdini’s last lecture given at the McCord while it was still the McGill Student’s Union and he served up some magical tricks with ropes, a deck of giant cards and some colored CDs.

All in all, a very enjoyable afternoon.

- Cheryl Braganza




A sampling of the some of the templates created by our members for  the Christmas tree at the MMFA. Setup is scheduled for November 28. Our WASM tree along with many others from organizations all over the city will be on display from early December until January 5, 2014 following a long-standing tradition at the Museum.

We hope that you will make a special trip to visit and admire the art-work of our members during this holiday season.

Here are some of the artists who contributed:  Judith Blin, Merlyn Bobbitt, Cheryl Braganza, Carol Bulow, Diane Cannuli, Matilda Cheung, Shirley Cohen, Linda Denis, Bonnie Frankel, Sharron Gallagher, Janet Goldstein, Diane Habeeb, Ines uguarte, Mary Lennon, Ann Mallette, Catherine Maclaren, Meta MacLean, Donna McGee, Maura McKeon, Nazik Zaroukian,  Sylvia Ruby,  Joan Salter Kirton, Carol Saykaly, Pauline Shapiro, Barbara Silverman, Michel Tougas, Hohn Vasalinskas, Stan Wasilenski, Josette Wecsu, Annette Wolfstein-Joseph and Jackie Wloski.

MMFA templates 2013




Decorating the Tree at the MMFA

Decorating the Tree at the MMFA


The finished product !


November 12 – Doreen Lindsay – J’existe – my life in images

Doreen Lindsay’s talk was very well received and we had enthusiastic questions later . Many people lingered to talk to her afterwards. She was a very interesting speaker who made her career of photography sound like it was so simple. She had some stunning pictures; the one with wind blowing grass in California was particularly memorable. Her mother daughter pictures were also lovely.



West Island Sweet Adelines – October 29, 2013

On October 29, 30 singers from the West Island Sweet Adelines came out in full force to entertain us, barbershop style, with beautiful melodies and harmonies, some even arranged by their director Tracy Larder.  We learned that the “Sweet Adelines” were born in Oklahoma and branched out into Canada in the 50′s and 60′s.  They go through rigorous training, every Thursday in the West Island, and enter competitions all over the US, this year going to Honolulu in the middle of our winter!  They sang haunting renditions of La Vie en Rose, Autumn Leaves, Climb every Mountain, There goes my Heart,  etc. and even taught us “a tag”.   Their oldest singer at 82 years old had been in the choir for 35 years.  For everyone’s information, they are recruiting so check their website if you would like to join.

“It was an afternoon spent wonderfully. I had never even heard of the barbershop style of singing much less hear it in person. It was an eye opener. ”  “Took me back to lovely memories”  “Some of those songs brought tears to my eyes”  “I just opened up my heart and let them fill it”  “Why can’t I sing like that ?”   are some of the remarks from those present.

Thank you again Sweet Adelines !

After, Sanaya and Dan from Davids Teas (pictured here) were there to serve free cups of their Buddha’s Delight  Tea to everyone.

CIMG0537_edited CIMG0534


October 22, 2013 at the Botanical Gardens – Gardens of Light

A word from our organizer, Josette Wecsu:
The Chinese Lantern exhibit attracted 18 of our avid art lovers who met at the Café for conversation and a light meal, wine, coffee, before heading out on the trail of enchantment at the fall of night. The exhibition this year portrayed, in a most spectacular display of color and light, the treasures of the tropical forest in the southern part of Yunnan, China.

wasmlantern8    wasmlantern6

wasmlantern5    wasmlantern4

wasmlantern3    WASMlantern2

wasmlantern1    wasmlantern7


Notes-photos of 2013 Cemetery Visit

On October the 8th 2013, 34 members and friends gathered at the Mount Royal Cemetery for a custom-made tour organized by Suzy Charto and led by Myriam Cloutier, the Director of Heritage Programs at the Mount Royal Cemetery.

WASM Oct Cemetery tour 5 WASM Oct Cemetery tour 4WASM Oct Cemetery tour 3

WASM Oct Cemetery tour 8 WASM Oct Cemetery tour 7 WASM Oct Cemetery tour 6 WASM Oct Cemetery tour 2

WASM cemetery WASM Oct Cemetery tour 1

Some of the grave-sites visited:

Prudence Heward – a student of the Art Association of Montreal from 1896-1947.  Part of the Beaver Hall Group, a Montreal group founded in 1920 to which A.Y. Jackson belonged.

Anne Savage – 1896-1971.  Artist who grew up in Dorval, founded the Canadian Group of Painters in 1933 and became its President. Close friend of A.Y. Jackson. Spoke openly about gender inequity during most of her lifetime.

Annie Townsend – gave one million dollars to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Marian Scott – who died in 1993 was one of the pioneers of modern and abstract art.  She took classes at the Art Association of Montreal and studied at l’École de Beaux-Arts.  Buried with her husband F.R. Scott , the  poet.  On her grave:  ‘I no longer dance with myself.  I dance with two.  The dance is one’.

Edwin Holgate – 8th member of the Group of Seven, belonged to the Beaverhall Group.   Sent as official artist for the Canadian Armed Forces in the 1940′s.   He was a painter and engraver, who lived in the Laurentians.

George William Hill, RCA – architect who designed the angel in the tam-tam park on Parc Avenue.  The bronze medallion on his tomb was ripped off and stolen.

Marcelle Ferron – 1924-2001.  Painter and stained glass artist.  Mentor of Emile Borduas.  His work is in the Champs de Mars metro station in Montreal.  Belonged to le Refus Globale, a group of intuitive painters.  On his grave ‘Each man is responsible for his inner self.  Chaque homme est maitre de son univers interieure’.

Anna Leonowens – 1834-1915.  She is the Anna from the King of Siam.  Governess for the King of Thailand from 1862-1867.    Moved to Canada and lived in Halifax founding the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.  She moved to Montreal later and lived on McTavish street.

William Notman – photographer in business for 78 years.  Took 450,000 photos which are archived at the McCord Museum.

Maxwell Brothers – architects who designed and built 30 houses in the Golden Square Mile.

James Ross – 1848-1973.   Helped bring art from collectors living rooms to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Molson Mausoleum – for the Molson family,  built in the 1860′s by architect, George Brown.

Guido Molinari – artist, taught at Concordia University from 1962 – 2000.  He designed part of the Simons store on St. Catherine street.  On his tomb ‘Parce que je suis solaire et je retournerai lumière’.

Lady Julia Drummond – born in 1861, lived and studied in Montreal.    First President of the Local Council of Women in Montreal and served from 1893 – 1899.  She received an honorary degree from McGill university for philanthropy, the first woman to do so.    Married George Drummond ( connected closely to the Redpath family and empire).  Buried in the mausoleum built for the Drummond family.

Ada Mills  & Clifford Redpath – belonging to one of  the richest families of Montreal, heir to the Redpath sugar factories are buried in the mausoleum shaped like an obelisk.  She, her husband and son were killed in their home in June 1901, still considered an unsolved mystery.

Lady Amy Redpath Roddick –  buried beside a miniature of the Roddick Gates, the original donated by the family to McGill University in honor of her husband Sir Thomas George Roddick, Dean of Medicine.  Since he was a very punctual man, she decided to fit the gates with a clock tower, complete with chimes at each end.

(notes: Cheryl Braganza)